Our Field Partners

MicroDreams’ goal is to help our microfinance institution (MFI) field partners to become permanently viable institutions dedicated to empowering the poor with a powerful hand-up – not a hand-out. We offer financial and non-financial support, including direct loans, loan guarantees, human resources development, strategic guidance and staff training. With our support, MFIs can establish themselves in their communities, reach sustainability, and then scale up to become permanent entities – thereby creating self-sustaining, economic networks in local villages.

MicroDreams seeks only the highest quality microfinance partners who can demonstrate managerial excellence, client growth and a healthy loan portfolio and who share our value of providing meaningful economic opportunity to those who needed it most.

We have partnered with the following microfinance institutions in the South Pacific and Latin America. MicroDreams will continue to work with new partners around the world to seed the next generation of MFIs that will benefit the world’s poor.

South Pacific Business Development (SPBD) Samoa

SPBD Samoa is the flagship microfinance institution in the SPBD network. Founded in 2000, it maintains a dominant market share for small unsecured loans in Samoa with 95% of all microenterprise loans made. There is no other organization that offers similar products to its microloans with the scale and capacity that SPBD has achieved. SPBD’s viability has also earned the organization a strong reputation in the international microfinance community. Learn more about Samoa

South Pacific Business Development (SPBD) Tonga

Following the success of SPBD Samoa, MicroDreams helped to launch a replication in the Kingdom of Tonga in 2009. After only 18 months, SPBD Tonga reached financial sustainability and has expanded onto its second and third island chain of Vava’u and Ha'apai respectively, with further growth planned onto Eua in 2013. Learn more about Tonga

South Pacific Business Development (SPBD) Fiji

SPBD Fiji was successfully launched at the end of 2010 on the main island of Viti Levi. After only 5 months of operations, it became the largest microfinance institution in Fiji. SPBD Fiji now serves more than 3,000 micro-credit clients. MicroDreams expects SPBD Fiji to become the largest MFI in the SBPD network over the next 5 years with a client base in excess of 20,000 clients. Learn more about Fiji

South Pacific Business Development (SPBD) Solomon Islands

SPBD Solomon Islands launched at the end of 2012. The need for microfinance in the Solomons is evident – only 25% of the total population of 510,000 is formally employed and most reside in rural areas; an estimated 85% of the population is still financially excluded; financial literacy levels are very low, around 30%; and there is a general distrust of banks. The Human Development Index ranked the Solomon Islands 142 out of 187 in 2011. Learn more about the Solomon Islands

Emprender (Bolivia)

Emprender has disbursed over USD 10 million in loans and currently has 7,500 active microentrepreneur clients in Bolivia. Micro-entrepreneurs in Bolivia are engaged in subsistence farming, small trade and handicrafts. Despite Bolivia's rich natural gas reserves, it is the poorest country in South America with a per-capita GDP of less than US$ 3 per day. With the majority of Bolivians living below the poverty line, Emprender's work is highly impactful. MicroDreams' support has enabled Emprender to access USD 100,000 in commercial funds, thereby ensuring Bolivian entrepreneurs in La Paz continue to access working capital loans, grow their microbusinesses and lift their families out of poverty.

Instituto de Desarrollo Regional "Cesar Vallejo" (IDER CV) (Peru)


IDER CV was established in 1990 as a development NGO and has been involved in microfinance since 1993 through its PROCRIDER division. PROCRIDER currently has nearly 3,000 clients in the La Libertad, Tumbes and Cajamarca regions of Northern Peru. Through MicroDreams’ support, IDER CV has accessed USD 150,000 in additional financing to expand its services mainly to poor rural clients in the Huamachuco area.

Fundamic (Ecuador)


Founded in 1995, Fundamic has disbursed over USD 4 million in loans and currently has more than 3,000 active microentrepreneur clients in Ecuador. As of 2000, 70% of Ecuador's population lived in poverty, with a per-capita GDP of about US$5. Financial mismanagement, political instability and vagaries of the world's commodity markets have taken their toll on the nation's economy, which is largely focused on agriculture. Although Ecuador has significant oil reserves, the majority of the population has not benefited from the revenues derived from its rich petroleum exports.Via a loan guarantee, MicroDreams negotiated Fundamic's access to USD 100,000 in financing from a commercial bank. The funds are being used to expand Fundamic's regional reach and provide more dollars to more Ecuadorian entrepreneurs in need.