Success Stories

Through our microfinance (MFI) field partners, MicroDreams touches the lives and businesses of thousands of entrepreneurs, who in turn invest in their families’ education and housing needs. MicroDreams is proud to be an organization focused on empowering dreams and changing lives, one at a time.

Meet the microentrepreneurs we have helped. Click on any image to view more details.

Caroline Meloli

Brickmaker Builds Her Way To Success! Caroline Meloli, a 50-year-old entrepreneur, utilized her determination and work ethic to improve the lives of her family members and of her community. Loans from SPBD helped Caroline build her small, local business into a flourishing one.


Determination Decides your Destination! Loloa’ivaha, a 39-year-old mother of five children, believes that determination and persistence are the key drivers of success. Loloa’ivaha explains that the loan had a great impact on both their family and business, as they managed to continue selling fish and that their business flourished.


Shops are easy to start, but difficult to grow. Fortunately for 50-year-old Akanete Pongi, loans from SPBD helped her expand her shop, giving her financial security for the first time. Her loans enabled her to expand her product lines and upgrade her businesses. SPBD also provided her with business skills, training, and financial education.


Success can be summed up in three words- never give up. Pasiano, a mother of four young children, lives in a rural village in Tonga. Prior to becoming a member of SPBD Tonga, Pasiano did not make a lot of money and explained that, “life was a bit hard and sad” for her family. With hard work and additional financing from SPBD, she secured a source of steady income. ...


Ilisalote and her husband work together to run the small business and also receive help from family members. Using loan funds, Ilisalote hires the workers to assist with the harvest.Once the peanuts are harvested, Ilisalote sells the peanuts at the market to retailers and also sells from her home. Now that she has a regular weekly income, Ilisalote is able to budget her daily expenses better.


She believed she could: Sew she did! Sofia took a risk and rented a stall at the market to increase her sales. To be more competitive, she wanted to upgrade her designs and improve her productivity. She joined SPBD in 2009 and used her first loan to purchase material and other supplies to increase output and upgrade her business. ...


Do you track your daily expenses? You may be impressed to know that thousands of our members across the South Pacific are doing just that.  ...


Mereani, 60, is a retired school teacher who lives in a village on the Coral Coast of Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu. Despite the idyllic surroundings, life has not been easy for Mereani, her husband, and her 19-year-old son. Before Mereani joined MicroDreams’ partner, SPBD Fiji, the family had a difficult time staying financially afloat. “My husband is just a fisherman, and I had to work hard on the farm to make ends meet.” ...


Makereta Matemosi began designing authentic Fijian tapas in 2004. She spent years perfecting her craft, but struggled to eke out a living through her sales until she received a loan through SPBD in 2011.


She may not be on Forbes’ “The World’s Most Powerful People” list, but Lupe made it to the top of SPBD Tonga’s list in 2012 to capture top honors as the “Businesswoman of the Year.” Lupe is currently an owner of a registered business in Tonga that grows and sells vegetables in her local market. She’s also an importer of produce from New Zealand, an advocate for women-owned businesses, and of course an SPBD client.