What We Do

MicroDreams helps to launch and grow microfinance institutions (MFIs) in poor and remote areas of the world, where there is a tremendous need. In the communities in which we work, people live in poverty and may not have proper housing, water, sanitation and health facilities.  There are also few opportunities for steady income, so entire families depend on casual or part-time work or the kindness of neighbors. Simply put, it is very difficult to make ends meet. 

By establishing successful MFIs, MicroDreams helps women and men with dreams for a better future to become microentrepreneurs with their own small businesses and a future full of opportunities. Our partners provide small unsecured loans, as low as US$150, to entrepreneurs to launch or expand small businesses that are needed in their communities. Women who previously had no income and no access to any formal form of borrowing now have small shops, piggeries, hair salons and small gardens that generate a steady income for the entire family. Clients may also use loans to fund basic home improvements, such as sanitation and electricity, and to cover education costs for their children.

As their businesses grow, the microentrepreneurs repay their loans, and the funds are lent to others who are in need of economic support.  In this way, the funding is recycled, and the economy of a community improves. 

In addition to loans, our partners offer critical products such as savings, insurance, and mobile phone banking services to entrepreneurs in impoverished communities. To ensure entrepreneurs’ success, they also provide financial education, business skills training, and ongoing guidance and motivation.

MicroDreams Brochure — December 2013