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Vilimaina's Story: Fishing for Success.

Occupation: Fish Seller

Location: Fiji

48 year old fish seller from Fiji

Vilimaina Takayawa, a 48-year-old fish seller from Fiji, is a shining example of entrepreneurial spirit and determination. As a married mother of two, aged 17 and 15, she’s been a member of SPBD Fiji for four years, leveraging SPBD’s microfinance services to fuel her business aspirations.

Early Mornings and Fresh Catch

Vilimaina's day begins before dawn, as she arrives at the river by 6 AM from Monday to Saturday. Her mission is to secure the freshest catch directly from the divers returning from their fishing trips. With her purchases in hand, she swiftly hails a taxi and heads to the Labasa fish market, where she sets up her stall to sell her fresh-caught fish.

Expanding Horizons and Investing in Growth

Not content with just serving her local community, Vilimaina has embraced the power of social media to expand her reach. By leveraging Facebook, she has attracted buyers from as far away as the capital city of Suva. With the support of her family, she meticulously packages the fish and sends them via ferry to her customers in Suva, demonstrating her entrepreneurial acumen and adaptability.

Vilimaina's ambition knows no bounds. She recently applied for another loan from SPBD to construct a dedicated room in her home specifically for her fishing business. This strategic investment will not only streamline her operations but also serve as a testament to her commitment to growth and success.

Balancing Family and Business

Hardworking Vilimaina also ensures her children's aspirations are nurtured. Her videos provide insights into her family life, showcasing her children's future hopes and aspirations, as well as capturing her own inspiring quotes about perseverance and hard work.

Vilimaina Takayawa's story is a powerful reminder that with determination, resourcefulness, and the right support, even the smallest of businesses can flourish and transcend boundaries, creating a lasting impact on families and communities alike.

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