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Tonga Volcano Relief: Salome


Salome is 51 years old, married and has four teenaged children. She runs a sewing business, and her sewing room is located in a separate room at the front of their house. She can design and sew clothing required by her customers, and she even sews school and work uniforms. In addition to sewing, she spends her Saturdays along the main road in their village that is opposite of the ocean, and she sells her sewn dresses from her tent.

Because their house is located near the coast, it was badly affected by the tsunami during the January eruptions. “When we heard the first loud noise of the eruption, we evacuated immediately to a safer place leaving everything behind, not knowing how it was going to be. We returned the next day, and could not reach our house by vehicle, for the shore rocks were all in the road. We hopped off and reached home on foot, only to find our house in bad shape. The roof was damaged, and my sewing room was gone. All the fabrics and sewing machines were nowhere to be found. The house was covered with ash, and it was very heart-breaking for this is our only house, and my sewing business was my family’s primary source of income.”

Salome took a rehabilitation loan and renovated her small sewing area and repaired her house’s roof.

In times of need, the SPBD family always lends a hand and gives help. I am forever grateful for this help. I was able to buy new fabrics, a sewing machine and also renovate my business place.

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