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Growing MicroBusinesses. Empowering Dreams.

Hello Fellow Dreamer

Through your generous donations, the MicroDreams team helps women, their families, and entire communities break the cycle of extreme poverty. Since 2000, we have made 275,000 life-changing microloans to women in the South Pacific.


MicroDreams offers women a hand up, not a hand out through microfinance.

Microloan Impact


Direct Funding Provided to Our Microfinance Partners

This amount includes all direct loans funded by MicroDreams and made to our implementing partners so they can, in turn, extend access to finance to more deserving women microentrepreneurs.


New Capital Unlocked Through Our Guarantee Program

This value represents the total amount of loans accessed by our implementing partners thanks to the MicroDreams’ loan guarantee program. This risk-sharing tool is critical to leveraging funds from impact investors.


Life-changing Microloans Made to Women

This value represents the total number of microloans made to women microentrepreneurs to help them launch and grow microbusinesses, improve their housing conditions and invest in their children’s education.


Value of Microloans Disbursed by Our Partners

This number is the total USD amount of funds disbursed as small loans to more than 80,000 hardworking women.

Women Making HerStory

“I am very thrilled that SPBD has recognized my hard work and commitment to my business. I am very proud to be one of the many who has succeeded in using these loans to further my business.”

Pasiano, Tonga

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Empower Women, Children, and Communities in the South Pacific through Microloans.

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